How to Know if Your Pad Size is Right For You

Does your pad feel uncomfortable? Do you still experience leakages? Are you sure you’re wearing the right sized pad? A study found that 60% of women actually wear the wrong pad sizes and 80% of women experience leakages!

1.      Know Your Fit

First, know your underwear size. If you’re on the small or medium side, then it’s best to stick to wearing Day pads. These would fit your underwear lining the best, so they will bring you the most comfort. Wearing Night pads would be advised against (even if it’s nighttime) since they may not fit perfectly onto your underwear and may cause discomfort. If the pads are too long for you, they may cause itchiness, difficulty in moving, or tightness when wearing tighter or high-waisted pants.

If your underwear leans towards the larger side, then you are free to use Day pads during the day and Night pads at night. Beware of the days when you experience heavy flow as you may need to use Night pads to safeguard against leaks during the day just in case, especially if your pad moves.


2.      How Heavy Is Your Flow

But what about all the other types of pads mentioned earlier? Indeed, that all depends on your blood flow. During light flow, which commonly occurs during the last day of your menstruation, you can use pantyliners which are the smallest size. They are comfortable and make you feel as if you aren’t even on your period. Most of all, they are easiest to put on and throw away.

On heavy flow, which usually happens during the first few days of your menstruation, it is a great idea to use daytime Thick pads or Night pads. Night pads tend to be longer and thicker with hip guards, so wearing them regardless of your underwear size would most definitely ensure protection against leakages.


3.      Choose Comfort and Hygiene

For those who experience more sensitivity and soreness during their menstruation, look for pads made of cotton. The type of material is very important, and if you’re one of those who gets itchiness, swelling or rashes during menstruation, you can stop today

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Bio Seleza not only helps you to achieve optimum hygiene level during menstruation, but also helps to combat germs, eliminate unpleasant odor, regulating physiological function and helps to improve menstrual-related problems.

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