Sparkling clean, germ-free and fragrant house with EziClean series!

“Cleaning my house in 10 minutes?” That’s the superpower everyone wishes for. With EziClean, your wish may come true! You can save money, time and energy.

  • What do maids do to clean the floor? After sweeping the floor, pour a cap of EziClean Toilet & Floor Cleaner into 4 Liters of water in a bucket. Wringing the mop before taking it out of the bucket, the maid wouldn’t have to scrub the floor hard as the alkaline detergent easily kills harmful bacteria. The floor will be so clean that ants, cockroaches and other pests would be too scared to invade! The best part? EziClean is non-toxic and skin-friendly.

  • What do janitors do to clean bathrooms? Just squirt EziClean Toilet & Floor Cleaner around the toilet bowl and let it run for 5 minutes before flushing. Pour a few drops onto your cleaning device (sponge, scrub, etc.) and wipe your bathtub, sink and toilet. Now your bathroom is squeaky clean!

  • What do cooks do to clean kitchens? With EziClean Dishwash, you can escape from oily nightmares. Not only can it make your kitchenware sparkle, but it removes mold from your countertops and tables too! Even better? It’s biodegradable, gentle to the skin and smells like lemons.

  • What do housewives do to wash laundry? Traditionally, you can put a scoop of EziClean 3x Ultra Laundry Powder into your bucket of clothes and let it diffuse overnight for a fresh and fragrant set of clothes the next day. But with a washing machine, housewives throw one scoop in for a load of 50 pieces of clothing or less, and 2 scoops in for 60 pieces and more. And there you have it – brighter aromatic clothes from just a little of this magical formula.
  • What do germaphobes do to make everything pristine? Put a pinch of that EziClean 3x Ultra Laundry Powder into your diffuser for the freshest perfume. Sprinkle some onto a carpet for 15 minutes then vacuum it for an instantly spotless space. Drizzle some onto your pet’s bedding to kill all the mites and lice.

And voila! Now you can kick back and relax in an easy and clean atmosphere!