Bidding you farewell, Tan Sri Osman S. Cassim! Your Legacy Will Remain Here Forever

A brief summary of YBhg Tan Sri Osman S. Cassim Has served in government service for three decades...

A brief summary of YBhg Tan Sri Osman S. Cassim 

  • Has served in government service for three decades holding several key positions such as Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Home Affairs. His last position was Director General of the Public Service Department.
  • Awarded the "Royal Order of the Polar Star" by the Swedish government, commending him for taking the risk of being one of the Japanese Red Army hostages flying to Tripoli, Libya following a raid on the American International Assurance Building in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Appointed as Chairman of Hai-O Group on January 31, 2005 and has been with the Hai-O Group for 15 years.

The credibility of YBhg. Tan Sri Osman needs no convincing as he has always demonstrated leadership by example. On the contrary, his unique friendship with Mr. Tan Kai Hee is worth mentioning as these two great leaders admire each other.

Mr. Tan Kai Hee praises YBhg Tan Sri Osman's interpersonal skills as well as his Mandarin speaking skills! YBhg Tan Sri Osman on the other hand is impressed with the extreme generosity and humility of Mr. Tan Kai Hee as well as being a supportive icon of goodwill. Mr. Tan Kai Hee's extraordinary personality and impartial leadership have won the hearts of SHOM entreprenuers so much that they regard him as a father figure!

Indeed, Hai-O Group is fortunate to have received a magical touch of YBhg Tan Sri Osman S. Cassim, a leader of a noble character who has joined us in capturing the wonderful moments as we embark on a winding journey.

Thank you and farewell YBhg. Tan Sri Osman! May Allah bestow you with good health, contentment and blessing! 

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