Myth-busting Time: Acne

Acne doesn’t just appear on your face, it can pop out anywhere you have pores, especially on your body (chest, back, bum). Have you come across any acne home remedies or acne treatment myths? These suggestions are made in many articles and videos, but the majority of them are not actually supported by research. With all the correct and incorrect information out there, do you know which are facts and which are myths?

Let’s get started!

1. Myth: More bubbles means cleaner.


“When I take a bath, it's so much fun watching bubble after bubble after bubble!” - Barney. Bubbles do bring a lot of fun, but do you know that bubbles are toxic?

Bubbles are created by a chemical substance called Sodium Laureth Sulfate

(SLES). Basically, SLES produces lather to break down oil and grease, but this corrosive chemical will also strip our skin of its natural oils and replace itself in the gap. This might cause dry skin, clogged pores, and even skin irritation. As a result, more bubbles don’t mean better cleaning.