Towards Optimal Health

Always feeling tired and less motivated throughout the day? Have you been experiencing muscle weak...

Always feeling tired and less motivated throughout the day?

Have you been experiencing muscle weakness in daily life?

Are you easily depressed and anxious?

Do you feel sleepy after meal?

If you’re answering “YES” to most of these questions, you might be going through a state of poor health. Let’s think of ways to achieve a HEALTHIER 2020

First, top up your health knowledge here!

Did you know that? 

People with mineral deficiency are prone to a variety of health problems. Different minerals perform various body functions. Magnesium is an important mineral that supports normal nerve functions in the human body. A healthy nerve function gives us better muscle relaxation, relieve of pain and better mental health [1]. Moreover, magnesium helps to enhance calcium absorption [2] in our body. 

A high sugar diet also leads to a poor state of health. Sugar consumption causes an increase in your blood sugar levels; however, it is also quickly followed by a sharp drop of blood sugar levels. Hence, it directly affects one’s energy level [3]. Another study showed that sugar can negatively impact one’s mental health [4]. It is linked to memory problems [5] as well.

Now, let’s do something for your health!

Min Kaffe

  • Robusta coffee powder with natural Korean organic bamboo salt
  • Rich in minerals especially magnesium
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives

Min Kaffe, the best choice towards an energized day!

Sweetality Granulated Sweetener

  • Made from sugar cane extract
  • 80% lower in calories than white sugar
  • 5X SWEETER than white sugar

Sweetality Liquid Sweetener

  • Made from sugar cane extract
  • 98% lower in calories than white sugar
  • 50X SWEETER than white sugar

Sweetality, a healthy alternative to your sugary cravings!


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