5 Refreshing Healthy Alternatives When You Are Craving Bubble Milk Tea

Recent research indicates that by 2027, the bubble tea industry will rise to $4.3 billion. It was also claimed that bubble tea orders in Southeast Asia increased by 3,000% in 2018. That’s why you can find bubble tea in restaurants all over the world, not just in Asia. For instance, bubble milk tea has been included on the McDonald's menu in Germany.  

The bubble tea craze seems to never die, with a wave of new players popping up every few months. However, despite its widespread popularity, this beverage poses significant health risks. The quantity of sugar in a standard cup of brown sugar bubble milk tea is said to be as much as three times more than a can of Coca-Cola.  




However, don't worry! There are other beverages out there that can replace bubble milk tea while being healthier. So, give them a go the next time you're in the mood for bubble milk tea: