5 Salty Myths Busted!

We frequently hear that too much "salt, fat, and sugar" are the issue with our diet. But is that really true? 



Salt is a natural resource, from the ocean to our tears. It is delicious and can be purchased for a meager price. However, like many other things, too much salt is bad for our health.  

To assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we have debunked some salt-related misconceptions.  


Myth 1: Food has no taste without salt. 

Food without salt is undoubtedly incomplete. Especially those whose taste buds have been used to a high sodium diet often believe that salt is necessary to provide flavour to food. Salt is essential for enhancing taste, texture and also balancing the food. Even with less salt, the food is still insufficient for our tastes. While we agree that food does not taste as delicious without the necessary quantity of salt, it does not have to be bland. Instead of adding spoons of table salt, add a healthy alternative, Sahajidah Garam Buluh, which is perfectly seasoned and flavoured while enriching the nutritional contents of the meal. 


Myth 2: I don’t have high blood pressure, so I don’t need to eat less salt. 

Since the danger of illness begins within the healthy range of blood pressure, most people would benefit from consuming less salt. Moreover, a low-salt diet prevents the age-related rise in blood pressure that puts you at risk for disease. For most adults, the American Heart Association advises consuming no more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) per day, with an optimal limit of 1,500 mg per day. Even a 1,000 mg daily reduction may help improve blood pressure and heart health. 


Myth 3: You should eat or drink more salt after working out. 

Salt has an essential function in the human body. It may assist in controlling muscular contraction, nerve function, and blood volume. Moreover, it maintains fluid levels in the body. Salt is eliminated from the body in two ways: through urine and sweat. Low amounts of sodium may lead to dehydration, muscular cramps, and even organ failure. If you are sweating a lot and losing a lot of sodium, you may need to consume a mix of salty meals or snacks and electrolyte-rich beverages to maintain your sodium levels. However, it really depends on how much you exercise and sweat, and how much sodium already is in your diet. If you are looking for a convenient way to increase your body sodium level after working out, you may try our Sahajidah Garam Buluh Premiere Drink, which offers a high content of minerals and trace minerals. You may pour a sachet into water or juice, stir well and ready to drink.  


Myth 4: We can consume bamboo salt as much as possible in a day as it is rich in minerals and trace elements. 

The origin of the majority of the edible salts in the market is similar as they are all from the sea. At a later stage during the manufacturing, different processing methods contribute to the different composition of the finished product. Research has shown that bamboo salt contains more than 70 trace minerals while refined salt only contains sodium chloride, which may have a negative impact on your blood pressure if you consume too much. To achieve chemical molecular balance in the human body, bamboo salt restores the significant mineral and trace element deficiencies of modern humans. Our Sahajidah Garam Buluh is made of 100% authentic bamboo salt formulated with a proven traditional Korean recipe. 


Myth 5: Completely eliminating salt is healthy.  

Sodium is an essential nutrient that regulates blood pressure and is required for nerve and muscle function, but only in the appropriate quantity. 


Salt is one of the most common spices. While using it in moderation isn’t usually a concern, excess salt intake has been linked to some health issues. Instead, you can try a healthy alternative, Sahajidah Garam Buluh, to add a burst of flavour to your favourite dish!  

Harnessing the power of nature, Sahajidah Garam Buluh maintains the inherent mineral content of sea salt and maximizes the rich profile of minerals and trace elements by combining bamboo and red clay, the two greatest gifts of nature. It is made of 100% authentic bamboo salt formulated with a proven traditional Korean recipe. Sahajidah Garam Buluh has additional iodine and provides a more potent taste explosion than refined salt. It may be used as a seasoning in cooking to improve the flavour of various foods!